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Flower - Sleep away the silent pain thats screamin out my name

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February 20th, 2005

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06:29 pm - Flower
You stared at me through your sallow eyes
Your gaze strong and content.
With each silent breath, my heart slowly dies
My time with you, lost and spent.
I cant tell you how much my hands want to hold you
I cant let you know my fear.
If I reached over tell me, what would you do?
The end of the beginning is near.
So I sweep my hair away from my eyes
So I can clearly see your beautiful face
See the smile your heart clearly hides
Winning the medal but loosing the race.
Holding a flower, I stand tall once again
I peer right over to the deep secrets below
Why do you stand here, with me in the rain
Why I don’t jump off right now, I just do not know.
I toss the flower along with my heart
Its delicate form decayed by the water
You and I know its time to depart
Our innocent lives prepare for the slaughter.
Without a word spared, our hearts hold one another
This is the ultimate beginning for our end
If I had the choice, I would not have chosen any other
And now to the water below our bodies descend.

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