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Do you still love me the way you used to? - Sleep away the silent pain thats screamin out my name

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February 20th, 2005

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04:15 pm - Do you still love me the way you used to?
Remember me?
I'm that weird girl from down the street.
Well I'm sure thats not so important.
Because nobody really knows.
I'm only here to ask you some questions.
So I guess here goes.
Do you still love me the way you used to?
Do you still care about me the way you once did?
Can you still listen to our song,
And hear my sweet voice singing along?
Do you still need me to hold you tight?
Do you still want me to phone you at night?
Do you dream the way I do,
Because if you do, then I love you.
I'm sorry I'm asking, but is it a crime
To feel your love slip away with time?
So baby tell me all thats on your mind,
You know I wont laugh, I'm not that kind.
Sorry, I've gotta go because my mums made tea
So I'll kiss you goodbye if you kiss me.
Remember I'll be here through thick and thin.
I know loving you is a helpless sin.

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Date:February 20th, 2005 04:36 pm (UTC)
what is that???
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Date:February 20th, 2005 06:24 pm (UTC)
mixture of all
Date:February 20th, 2005 06:30 pm (UTC)
i still love you the way i used 2
i still care about you the way i once did
i can listen to our song and hear you sweet voice singing along...well.. i would.. if we had one:D
i do need u to hold me tight and want u 2 phone me at night
and yes i dream the way you do.
(that way i will love u... n u will love me 2)

soz.. couldnt resist answering..

love u xxx
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Date:February 20th, 2005 06:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks hunny, thats really sweet. We need a song :P
Love u 2 xxx
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Date:February 20th, 2005 09:48 pm (UTC)
i love you

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